Sunday, 16 December 2018


WALT: Create a digital footprint with safe messages inside.
SC: I will

  • Watch the video
  • Remember the words that I've typed 


  1. Namaste Chace,

    I think the idea of pausing and thinking before you say or post anything online is a really good idea! I know sometimes I get angry or upset about something I read and I always remind myself to calm down before I write a response to it, or I don’t write a response at all! I try and only write kind things on the internet, can you think of any other ways I could create a positive digital footprint? Have you learnt anything in school this year that could help you?

    Keep up the awesome mahi!


  2. Kia ora Chace,

    It's great to see you blogging with us this summer! I am so excited to have you part of the Summer Learning Journey this year. Well done on the cyber smart activity. I really appreciate that you included things you shouldn't share online and things you can, ka pai.

    Which activity has been your favourite to complete so far? I have loved reading the hometown activity that the students have been completing. It is always so interesting learning about how each person views their hometown so differently!

    I look forward to reading more of your blogposts soon.
    Nga mihi, Georgia.