Thursday, 30 March 2017

What do you do with your rubbish?

W.A.L.T group similar ideas into paragraphs.

In learning I learnt about what we should do with our rubbish.

Chace I think we should not take all of our rubbish to the landfill. I also think that we should not use too many plastic things so we don’t have to keep throwing things out.  

Firstly organic rubbish does not have to go to the landfill because it can be used to make compost and used to feed pigs. If you are thinking what organic waste is I will explain it. So organic waste is from nature it’s like the things that fall from the trees like apples and oranges that are rotten. 

 Another idea why you should not burn your rubbish it is bad because it will make sparks it might also burn some of the grass and all the smoke from the fires get sent to the sky. Then it goes to space the smoke goes into the ozone layer and it forms a big hole. 

 Another idea is if the landfill is filled up with rubbish then it might be nothing but garbage and what will be the point in going back there. That is the reason why we should recycle so the landfill won’t have to be like that. Also people should reuse things instead of throwing it out. For example, if someone had a young sibling and their clothes weren't able to fit them they could give it to their young sibling instead of throwing it away. That's so you can save things and not much will go to a landfill. Do you think this is a good idea? or not.

In summary we should not throw all the rubbish into the landfill.

In this writing I liked how I made a summery for the first time.  
Something I found easy was I knew what organic was.
My next step is to do it without the teacher.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

What rubbish!

This week I have been learning how to gather, sort and display information.We wanted to find out what families at Tautoro school do with their waste. Firstly we created a questionnaire. Then we made tally charts and used google sheets to present the information. One thing I learned about this is how to make a pie and bar chart using google sheets.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Here is our slideshow about tikanga.

WALT think about creative ways to 
promote and teach our values. We were creative because we made the ninjas move.  

I learnt how to make an animation.
Our next step is to screen cast to make our characters talk.