Monday, 26 March 2018

Be a bucket filler

WALT write an explanation text.

Success criteria: To be successful I will use interesting words,

How to be a Bucket filler.

Everyone has an invisible bucket with them everyday, the only way to fill the bucket is, for someone to give you a positive comment, or be nice and helpful, and you can fill a guys/girls bucket by being nice to them, you can even fill your own bucket by filling someone else's.

It’s kind of weird, right.

 It is used to make other people happy and feel good. You use it to hold the nice thoughts that people give you.  So do that. Bucket filling works by being nice, good, kind and helpful.

But there is an opposite to that. The opposite to being a bucket filler is, by being a bucket dipper. A bucket dipper is a
person who is mean to other people. Bucket dippers could be a bully someone who is just being bad.

So in conclusion bucket filling is needed to make people happy and good about themselves.

By Chace

Hope you enjoyed, and learnt a lot about bucket filling. :) :]

Dung Beetle CSI

WALT use our inferencing skill to help us understand the text

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Making a circuit

WALT make a circuit with something else, such as a coin

Success criteria: To be successful I will, use the right material to make a circuit and listen to what i'm suppose to do.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Always be kind :D

WALT use the correct language and structure for an explanation text.
To be successful I will:

  • Have a title.
  • Explain what kindness is.
  • Explain how kindness works.
  • Write a summary about my key ideas.
How to be kind.

Kindness is, when someone helps other people or be friendly and considerate. Kindness works by helping one and other, and being nice to others with good behaviour. You should use the hoe of Aroha, manaakitanga and tikanga, to help you. So if you don’t be kind, you probably won’t succeed in life, because your not nice or behaving right. You don’t want that, don’t you?

So always be nice and helpful. I know that people don’t want to be: Left out, having nothing, always misbehaving all the time and going nowhere. I know how many people will want that, 0 (ZERO) or people that joke.

So in summary kindness is important so you can help and make others feel good.

Hope you enjoyed reading my story.
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Friday, 9 March 2018

Epro 8 training

On Friday we have been practising for the epro 8 challenge.

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Taking flight

WALT: Plan and write a recount based on “taking flight” animation.

I will be successful when I have:
  • Planned my ideas to help me organise my writing.
  • Structured my writing with
- orientation (who, what, where, when, why, how)
- sequenced ideas
- conclusion
  • Written in first person.
  • Given interesting detail
  • Written a closing statement to sum up all my ideas

Hope you enjoy my story

Hello my name is Tony and I am 9 years old and I have to go to my uncle’s house. Firstly my dad takes me in the car, and dropped me off at my uncle’s house with things I need. I was really sad:(. “Do you still like me” I thought “You can stay here for the day, and when I come back we can have some fun:)” said dad, “You said that yesterday” I replied. He looked like he had something important to do. I wonder where he was going? Then my uncle said “Come and sit up here as I start mowing the lawn” He put me on a box and it was boring. I lay down on the box and then with my teddy bear., I saw something on the shelf, “Is that my dad?]” I thought to myself. I tried to grab it, I stood on boxes and items to get up there. “Almost there” I thought as I was reaching for it. Then I grabbed it, something rolled out in front of my uncle. As soon as he saw it, he came in and saw me with, boxes on the ground and a photo in my hand. “Your dad owned that wagon” my uncle said to me. “Let’s take it for a spin shall we” “Ok’’ I said (softly). So I got in it and my dad grabbed it, “ All hands and feet in the wagon at all times” After that he started telling me this story about some bad monkeys. Then somehow we ended up in a… Forest. “How did we get here so fast?” I thought to myself, then there were monkeys, monkeys with red eyes, they were creeping me out. I gasped as there eyes stared at me. Then my uncle speeded up the wagon and we went fast. Then our plane transformed into a boat and we went down the stream.”This is awesome” I thought to myself. But (dun, dun, dun) we were heading towards a waterfall we went straight down it. My teddy bear was in my hand and he stared moving, then our boat transformed into a plane and we flew around. “This is not as bad as the aliens”  My uncle said. So in conclusion we had a fun day together.


WALT follow instructions
To be successful I will: 
  1. Screen shot my learning 
  2. Explain what I am doing in steps. 
  3. use the picture clues in 'scratch' to help me

So first go to change background on scratch jr  

Create a sun

Make the sun and put the green flag there.Then put an arrow with 3 beside itThen make it disappear   
You also have to create a new slide and put this near it

 Then you delete the moon on the LAKE background
 And add your own moon

 Put the green flag there

 Then put an arrow pointing up with the number 7 showing

 Then end it, with this read piece

And that's how you code on Scratch Jr