Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Nga Hoe o te waka

This is my google slideshow about the waka hoe we use at Tautoro School to
help us to improve our learning.

I had a great holiday. I wrote a story about a time when my family and I went to 
dinner for my brother's birthday.
Tuesday 12th October
On Wednesday it was Tristan and Hilton's Birthday. When I came out of my bed I watched tv and then Hilton came out of bed. He said to me, ‘’Are you going to watch tv on Tristan's and my birthday?’’ First we watched the tv then I just remembered that we were going to go to King Wah. Then our mum came out of bed and rang up King Wah and I looked at her then looked back at the tv.
Next I put on my jeans and my grey jersey.
After that Tristan came over and I went to hide in front of the cupboard and beside the fridge. Hilton had nowhere to hide so he stayed on the couch pretending to be asleep. Tristan found Hilton pretending to be asleep and then he found me. Shortly after we had to do some housework so I made the bed and Hilton put all the shoes in the box and Tristan had breakfast. He had weet-bix.
When I finished the bed I had breakfast. I had weet-bix too. After Hilton finished doing the shoes he had rice bubbles.
Later on me and Hilton went to our nana's house and we played with lego. It was fun. I built a transformer that transformed into a truck.
Then our mum called us. She said, “Get ready because we are going to go to Kingwah for dinner.’’
We put some other clothes on I put on my red and white striped t-shirt and I put on my brown shorts.
Finally we went to King Wah.