Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Who knows how to make singular words plural?

I was learning how to make singular words plural.
Something I found hard was what words I had to put in.
Something I liked was that I made a flag. :)

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Xmas is fun.

This is a recount I wrote about last Christmas. I choose to write about a special time with my family.

I liked how my punctuation was placed.
Something I found easy was where to put the full stops and capital letters.
Something I found hard was trying to remember all of it.
My next step is to focus my writing on the most interesting parts.

X-mas is Fun!

“Yay!” I said. “ It’s finally Christmas!” Christmas is one of my favourite days of the year. My uncle, Tristan, Hilton, Dad and I went across the road to get the hangi ready. I went up on the stone wall and walked around on it. Hilton said to me, “How do you get up there?” I said , “You climb up on that side” and I pointed at the side. Then I jumped off and showed him. After I got back on he tried to climb it but he still couldn't.

Then I climbed back down and we both went to throw some paper in the fire.
The fire was really big and the smoke looked like it was going everywhere. Then about an hour later we went back across the road because the hangi was finished.  We went into our nana’s house. When we came inside it was going to be present opening time. I looked at the presents and I just couldn't wait to open them.
I wondered what was inside the presents. I thought, “What will be in those presents” I was just so excited to open them. After that our nana said, “Wait for Richard so you can open the presents with everyone here”. Soon Richard came and sat down and then our nana said, “You can open your presents now”. Then all three of us went to the Christmas tree and we looked at the presents. Then we got all of our own presents. I had a big one. I shook it a bit but I didn’t know what it was. Then I opened one of my presents and it was…………… Lego, it is my favourite thing.

I opened another present it was round and I said, “I bet this is a ball” I opened it and it was a soccer ball, “Told you” I said. Tristan even had a round one and he opened it and it was also a ball but it was a basket ball.

Then I looked at my biggest present. I was just thinking of what it could be. I opened my other present it was more lego. I said, “It’s like santa knows what I like”.

Later that day I opened that big present and it was…………Some kind of engine but it wasn't a real one it was just made of plastic. I also had to build it. I think it was suppose to look like an engine. I looked at the instructions and I didn’t really understand it so I asked my dad, “Can you help me with this” He said, “ Ok”.

Later that day we had lunch and there was a lot to eat.  After we finished eating the food we went back to our Christmas presents. I built some of my lego things. Also there was a present and it was signed by Mrs Santa and all of us had a present from her. The present was a belt bag and all three of us had one.  There was a rugby league symbol on each of them my one had a paramata symbol, Tristan had a bulldog symbol and Hilton had a panther symbol. The colors were the same as the rugby league uniforms. That was a very fun day and I will never forget Christmas.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Problem solving

Something I  found easy was slide 2 it was easy to find out the answer.
The hardest was slide 5 because of all the times tables.
I liked how many slides I got done.
My next step is to get more slides done.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Nga Taonga o Te Ruma Akomanga.

Do you know what a coordinate grid is if you don't I can tech you in these slides.

I was learning about coordinate grids.
I liked how I learnt about it.
Something that I liked is that I have got a link and how I learnt about it.
My next step is to get it screencasted.