Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My Speech

I spoke clearly and loudly.
I paused at full stops and commas.
I did not rush my reading.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

How many shapes do you know? These are how many we know.

In these slides I liked how many shapes we made.
Something I found easy was some of the shapes were easy to name.
Our next step is to get it screencastify.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Getting lost in Kmart.

WALT plan our recount. We want to focus on a moment in time that will be interesting for our readers.

To be successful we will:

  • Think of a time in the holidays that was funny, scary, a bit embarrassing, exciting
  • Plan the intro, main events, time words and reflection.

I think I was successful because I was able to put punctuation in the right place and I was able to reply to comments that helped me improve in my writing.

Next time I will try add similes to get a higher mark in writing.

Getting Lost in Kmart

In the holidays my family and I went to Whangarei. We went to Kmart. That is one of our favourite places to go to. First when we got in there my brothers and I went to look at the toys. Tristan and I looked at the remote control cars and other remote control toys. Tristan liked the remote control toys I didn’t like them as much as him. Next Hilton went to mum and dad and Tristan and I were still looking at the toys and then we went to look at the balls. Then Tristan and I went to look for them but we lost them.

Tristan and I just kept trying to find them. After that we went near the toys. I said to Tristan “,Should we split up we won’t lose each other if I go straight and you can go around,” then he said “OK,” so I went straight ahead and Tristan went around. Then I went to the middle and I thought I lost him but he just came. Then we went looking around again and we stayed together. After that I said, “Is that mum?” but when she turned around it wasn’t her.

So I said to Tristan ,“I thought I saw her but it was just someone else”. We kept looking. Tristan said ,“What if they were at the changing room” I replied “Maybe” so we were going to look near the changing room. We finally found them. Then Hilton said ,“We were trying to find you two” we both replied,“We were trying to look for you as well”