Tuesday, 28 February 2017

This is my holiday recount. I have tried to proof read my own writing.

My uncles funral

First my family and I were getting our things ready and we put them in the boot of the car. Then we got into the car and drove all the way to Auckland. It was a very long drive. A while later we got there we went to the funeral. It was a pretty long time but sad as well. When it finished I was excited because we were going to a motel. It was very cool because our uncle was next door. We had keys with a number on them. The number was the same as the number at the top of the door.  We even had free milk even though we already had some.  We would always go next door to visit our other uncle. A while later we played on our tablets. We played a game called Minecraft. When mine and Tristan's tablets went flat then we put them down and I said ,“Hey Tristan and Hilton should we play hide and go seek,” Then Tristan replied”OK then” So we played hide and go seek. Another while later we went next door again but this time we watched tv. We were watching
Batman vs Superman. It  was pretty boring. Then our uncle went to sleep. So we started to go back. We went back next door again and we all started to go to sleep it was hard for me to sleep but I did.  It was awesome.