Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Here is my learning about rounding.

Hope you enjoy our video about rounding.

Here is the song our class did. ENJOY!

I liked how many I got finished.
I also liked how confidant I was.
I didn't like how long it took.
Something I learnt was how to round numbers. I can round decimals from the nearest tenth and whole.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Do you know about pictographs? This is what I know.

Last week I was learning about how important it is to read instructions properly and to look at the key in graphs.

Here are a few problems I worked on. It is important that I look at the key because if you don't know it your answer will be wrong.

                  Money Made at the Garage Sale
Key: =  $ 6

How much money was made on Tuesday? 27
How much money was made on Wednesday? 6

How much more money was made on Monday than Thursday? 12

Something I found easy was that there was only 3 questions.
Something I found hard was the first question because I had to count in 6's.
Something I liked was how easy it was.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Here is a very fun time I had in the holidays.

I was learning to put descriptive language in my story.
I think I have to learn more about it.
I liked that I got 2 descriptive sentences.
Something I found hard is what describing words to use.
My next step is to put in more describing words and phrases in.

Three Days Without Mum

Start:  “Yay!” I said because we were going to Kerikeri. First we stopped at the Warehouse. We looked around for a few minutes and we went to where the Lego was. Next we scanned a few to see the prices. Most of them were too expensive for me so I scanned one of the smallest boxes. We got a box each. I was so excited. My smile glued to my face.

We went to our dad to see what he was doing. He told me ,“Come and have a look for some Jeans Chace” I looked at them and he said ,“There are these black ones, or these other ones” I looked at some and I said “These ones” So I grabbed the jeans I wanted. They were expensive. (My dad was buying them anyway) I went to the changing room to try them on. They were a good fit but my dad said “You will have to wear a belt with those jeans ,” I said “I know where a belt is” Happiness was bubbling up inside me.

After that we went to get some pizza. Our dad bought about five boxes of Hawaiian pizza and we had a box each, also he got a pizza for himself but he had a pepperoni pizza. He also bought two boxes of chips. When the pizzas were ready we went into the car. We were eating the chips. We shared the boxes Hilton and I shared one and dad and Tristan shared one. The chips were delicious. Then we ate some pizza. It was yummy to. Then we were heading back home. It was a really fun time