Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Easter news

WALT: make a news report about Easter.
 SC: To be successful I will, Speak loud and clear and look at the camera.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

My awesome fishing trip

On Saturday 7th April 2018 I went to Opononi beach with my whole family, there was me, my mum, my dad, my brothers, my uncle and my nana. Firstly we got there around 12.00pm (Twelve O clock). The high tide was at 2.00pm (Two O clock) so we didn’t really have that much time. My mum said “We’ve only got 2 hours” OK so lets get our rods set up and get our lines into the water. A few minutes later we had started fishing, I had the smallest fishing rod it was a boat rod and my uncle had the biggest surf casting rod. So we did some fishing then i could hear someone calling my name “Chace check out this starfish that dad caught!” Hilton yelled... our dad caught a starfish. “Cool!” I replied.  After that my mum caught a starfish “Is it the same one that dad caught?” I asked. No Hilton replied it cant be they have caught them in two different places on the beach.
Then a few minutes later I started to get bored because nothing was happening and my bait was still sitting in the water. Then i felt something bite my bait and I pulled and it pulled too i started reeling it in, “I’ve got a fish” I thought to myself “Stand up Chace!” My mum yelled, you know it is kind of hard to hear people when the waves keep splashing loudly so we had to yell to actually hear each other. So I stood up and started reeling this fish in as fast as i could, my family could see I was struggling. I kept pulling, very hard, and I saw it, it was big and it was a Trevally! #OMG I caught a big Trevally, I think it was about 35 cm long. My nana was very proud of me she said i did a great job getting my fish onto the beach on my own. Not long after that my mother caught a Trevalley on the same rod, and then she caught a kahawai on her surf casting rod. My uncle caught a fish on his rod too his fish was a Kahawai so we caught 4 fish in total.
 This was my best fishing day out i cant wait till we go out again.

So in summary that was one of the best fishing trips that i’ve ever done, and i’ll never forget that time.


 Our uncle - Richard

 Our nana - Emily

 Our mum - Lisa

 Our dad - Daved

 My brothers - Tristan and Hilton

 And of coarse me - Chace

 Trevally - a type of fish

 cm - centimeters

Summary - ending

Thursday, 5 April 2018


WALT: use the Kawa of care
SC: To be successful I will listen to what i'm suppose to do.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


WALT: write an explanation story about friendship
SC: to be successful I will: Have a title, Explain what kindness is, Explain how kindness works and Write a summary about my key ideas.

Friendship means, being a good and helpful friend.
Everyone needs to be friendly, because if you don’t be friendly as a result,
you will have no friends. Friendship is all about being friendly, you just have to

  • respect others
  • encourage others
  • include others in your game
  • if you do all of that as a result you will be a truly good friend.

Friendship is when you be a nice, helpful and enjoyable friend. Everyone has to
have respect and friendship, or else you will be a loner. Nobody wants to be that.
Friendship is also about being an amazing, talented, joyful friend. So what i’m
mostly saying is that friendship is being a very good/one of a kind of friend.
It is possible to just do all this, it isn’t impossible at all.
Do you want to be an amazing friend?

So in conclusion friendship is needed to have friends so you don’t be a loner or a sad nobody, being a good friend is important for everyone. #Thanks for reading my story   By: Chace