Thursday, 26 July 2018

Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi.

On a dark Friday night We had to go out the the car and put our bags and luggage into it. It was really tiring, mostly because I was tired but we had to do it anyway. I was at Siesta motel in Auckland with my family (My mum, dad,  brothers and I). We were going to Australia to go visit our dads mother and our stepsister Anastasia . “I might sleep in the plane” I thought. But did I. I am not going to talk about that right now. So as soon as we had all of our things in the car (including ourselves) we drove off to look for this place. It was called Fliaway. So it took forever to find it until we did. We went in a circle, more like a line we kept going back and forth. But we went straight past where we were going. But why didn’t we see it before, because we only new when we were way past it. So when we got there we went to this guy and gave him our car keys and packed everything out of our car and put it in a van, after that we got into the van. I think it was supposed to be called a shuttle, but I call it a van. Same thing. So that suttle like van thing took us to the airport and about 2 hours later, we were on a plane, but I wanted to be on the window seat instead my little brother was there and I was beside him. Then as it started to go I kept nudging my little brother and saying “Look”. Every time we looked out the window we always got excited, then when we arrived we got out of the plane and did these things. OK I will just skip ahead. So we went to a place called Parklea. There was this market in a place called Parklea and there was this robot with buttons, and the man who was selling it was so nice he let me on it and told me all the controls. So then I did what he told me and it was fun. We were thinking of buying it but how will it fit on the plane? Or will we have enough money for it? But it was really cool.

A few days later we planned on going to the zoo, called Taronga Zoo. It was fun. There were a lot of different animals like the tiger, giraffe, chimpanzee, fish and a lot more. Plus at the chimpanzee place there was a small smart chimpanzee that looked at me and reached out and touched the glass. I was very shocked. Then I tried to do sign language, it meant are you thirsty. I learnt that on the movie Planet Of The Apes. So that small chimp even picked up a stick and showed off. It was funny though, but it was very funny when the chimp ended up on the ground  “ That’s what you get for showing off” I said quietly. I thought he would fall of the log he was on, mostly because he was on the edge of the log. You are probably thinking, what log? Or where did the log come from? Well just to mention there was a log there that you can go to and get a close look at the chimps. There was a bigger one that didn’t do much. It mainly just walked around. On his hands and feet. He must of been shy or something. But I liked him, mostly because I like chimps, because of their smarts. Here are some photos of Taronga Zoo. Haven't finished it yet.

A few days later we went onto a train to get to Luna Park. We had to go to the Seven Hills train station and it was a really long way. I got bored and I played a game with my brothers. Then I started reading the book that I kept in my belt bag. It was called Diary of a Minecraft Zombie book 4, Zombie swap. It is a really cool book. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it was a long book to read. “Next stop Central “ a few more stops and we will be there. Then we got off at this other train station. Also the reason why we were on the train is because it was Sunday. You might be thinking, what about Sunday? Well on Sundays in Australia you can get on a train for 2.80 or something. So when we arrived at Luna Park it looked bigger than I thought. To see the photos and more info click this link. Plus it is a link.

Finally we had to go back home. I was happy to finally know that I was going back onto the plane again. I also wanted to play Battleship  again. The plane started to drive and it got faster and faster and then it went straight up into the sky and we went back to NZ. I can finally see my uncle and nana again. So in conclusion we got back home and had a good time. THE END