Sunday, 16 December 2018

How is New Zealand here?

WALT: Make a blog post about where New Zealand came from.
SC: I will

  • Research about it
  • Put in 3 top facts about it

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  1. Ata Mārie Chace,

    My name is Dani, I am a blog commenter for the Kaikohekohe cluster for the Summer Learning Journey this year. I grew up in Okaihau but I now live in Auckland so I can attend university but I still love going home to our family farm. I am looking forward to reading your Summer Learning Journey blog over the summer time!

    Ka pai for going the extra mile and doing this activity as a poster. It makes it more fun and enjoyable for all the people that will read it. Did you learn anything from the different facts on the Tourism New Zealand website? I know that I learnt that New Zealand was once considered apart of Australia ! Crazy isn’t it. If I could add a fact to the list, I would mention that New Zealand has almost six times the amount of sheep than we do people! As most countries I know don’t have a big farming industry like we do, I think people would be surprised to read that. Is there a fact you think should be included as well?

    It is great that you have used a picture of New Zealand as part of your post, but you haven’t said where you got that photo from. It is important to try and attribute image(which means you the author or website who published the image gets some recognition for what they have created). You can read more about attributing images on the link below :)

    Keep up the great mahi!

    Blog ya later,